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About Amy

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Amy uses her friendly and enthusiastic personality to share her passion for Scottish heritage and culture through its beautiful music and song.

Her ability to engage people with her fun, relaxed and earnest teaching style means she is much in demand to work with several groups and projects throughout Scotland and overseas.

Amy is the founder and tutor of one of the leading community singing groups in Scotland The Liltin’ Lassies and co-designer and educator of the successful YMI funded Scots Sang & Language Project.

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The Liltin’ Lassies

Started by Amy in 2007, The Liltin' Lassies is a fun, community singing group for women, located in Dunblane. It started as a traditional music based group, but its repertoire soon expanded to include pop, rock and world music. Classes are friendly, relaxed and sociable and all women who enjoy singing are welcome to join.

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Scots Sang & Language Project

In partnership with the Tolbooth (Stirling) and Stirling Council, with Carolyn Paterson, Amy has co-designed the award nominated and YMI funded Scots Sang & Language Project where, through Scots Song, she helps cultivate an understanding and introduction to Scotland’s beautiful language, fascinating heritage and unique culture in primary school aged children.

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Singing Group Leader

Amy leads community singing workshops and is a regular and occasional group leader for several groups based throughout Scotland. To each workshop, she brings an in-depth knowledge of the history and background of songs, a patient and encouraging platform for singers to work on and an infectious enthusiasm for singing. Her beautiful and ingenious arrangements of songs range from simple rounds and light harmonies to full on seven part showpieces, and each song is chosen to reflect a group’s talents and abilities.

Please see the downloads page for an example of her arrangement work. For further details of those she has worked with, please see her LinkedIn page.

Other Work

As well as community singing groups, Amy has had the privilege and pleasure of working with groups and charities who work with health issues and illnesses such as depression, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and special educational needs. All of these groups work tirelessly to improve the lives of those they cater for.

She was delighted to work on the first SMG Inspire project in 2010/11, has designed and lead projects with local charities such as Townbreak Stirling and Alzheimer Scotland, and has worked with several other groups where she leads singing sessions and provides entertainment for the patrons of the groups.


The Barnyards o Delgaty

An example song worksheet from Amy’s Scots Sang and Language Project, with pupil worksheet and Teachers notes.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t

Sheet music for Amy’s arrangement of Robert Burns’ song the Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t.

The Barnyards o Delgaty

Accompanying practice track of whole song for the Barnyards o Delgaty worksheet.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t - Notes

Notes, information, glossary and arrangement suggestions for The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t.

The Barnyards o Delgaty - Parts

Accompanying practice track of first verse and chorus of The Barnyards o Delgaty. Each line is repeated twice so that the class can learn orally, by listening to the line first and then repeating it in a call and response style. This is then repeated with two lines, and then four.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t

A short extract of The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t in full harmony.