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Singin Boorach Heid Yin

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Aboot Amy

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Amy uses her freendly an enthusiastic chairacter tae impairt her passion fer Scots heritage an culture throu it’s bonnie music an sang.

Her skeel fer engagin folk wi her fun, licht an eident teachin style means she’s gey in demand tae wark wi mony boorachs an projecks throughoot Scotlan an owerseas.

Amy is the foonder an dominie o yin o the leadin community singin boorachs in Scotlan The Liltin’ Lassies an co-makar an eddicator o the seilful YMI fundit Scots Sang & Language Project.

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The Liltin’ Lassies

Stairted by Amy in 2007, The Liltin' Lassies is a fun, community singin boorach fer wimmen, locatit in Dunblane. It stairted as a tradeetional music based boorach, but it’s repertoire bedeen expandit tae include pop, rock an warld music. Clesses are freendly, licht an sonsie an aa wimmen wha enjoy singin are verra weelcome tae jine.

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Scots Sang & Leid Projeck

In pairtnership wi the Tolbooth (Stirlin) an Stirlin Cooncil, Amy is co-makar, wi Carolyn Paterson, o the award nominatit an YMI fundit Scots Sang & Leid Projeck whaur, throu Scots Sang, she helps growe a kennin an introduction tae Scotlan’s bonnie leid, fascinatin heritage an yin aff culture in primary scuil aged bairns.

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Singin Boorach Tutor

Amy teaches community singin warkshoaps an is an aften seen an antrin dominie fer several boorachs throughoot Scotlan. Tae ilka warkshoap, she brings a muckle kennin o the history an backgroond o sangs, a patient an encouragin platform fer sangsters tae wark oan an a smittin enthusiasm fer singin.Her bonnie an cannie arrangements o sangs range frae simple roonds an licht hairmonies tae fu oan seiven pairt showpiece sangs, an ilka sang is chosen tae reflect a boorach’s skeels an abeelities.

Please see the doonloads page fer a swatch o her arrangement wark. Fer mair kennins o wha she has warked wi, please luik at her LinkedIn page.

Ither Wark

As weel as community singin boorachs, Amy has hid the pleesure o warkin wi boorachs an chairities wha wark wi health issues an illnesses sic as depression, Alzheimer’s, Dementia an special eddicational needs. Aa o these boorachs wark tirelessly tae haud forrit the lives o those they cater fer.

She was delighted tae wark oan the first SMG Inspire project in 2010/11, has mad and led projecks wi local chairities sic as Townbreak Stirling an Alzheimer Scotlan, an has warked wi several ither boorachs whaur she leads singin sessions an gies entertainment fer the folks of the boorachs.


The Barnyards o Delgaty

A swatch o a sang warksheet frae Amy’s Scots Sang an Leid Projeck, wi scholart’s warksheet an dominies witterins.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t

Sheet music fer Amy’s arrangement o Rabbie Burns’ sang the Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t.

The Barnyards o Delgaty

Praictice track o the hale sang tae sing alang wi, fer the Barnyards o Delgaty warksheet.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t - Notes

Witterins, leid, kennins an arrangement thochts fer The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t.

The Barnyards o Delgaty - Parts

Priactice track o the first verse an chorus o The Barnyards o Delgaty. Ilka line is repeatit twice sae that the cless can lairn orally, by hearkin tae the line an then repeatin it in a call an response style. This is then repeatit wi twa lines, an then fower.

The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t

A wee bittie o The Rantin’ Dog the Daddie o’t in fu hairmony.